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We as alumni can do nothing greater for our undergrads than provide them guidance and advise. To that end, we have initiated a MENTORING program that matches a Beta Sig undergrad with a particular career interest with a Beta Sig alumni pursuing a career in that same arena.

No monetary donation is required! All we are asking is for you to volunteer time, advise and career guidance to a younger brother. A periodic phone call, a friendly ear, your market perspective, and career guidance may not mean much to you -- but it could literally mean the world to our younger guys.

13 undergrads have asked to be included in this program, and we are looking for that same number of alumni volunteers in the following areas:

- finance
- accounting
- medical
- logistics
- marketing / PR
- real estate
- law
- politics
- consulting

Larry Raiman has offered to spearhead this effort, and volunteers should contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..