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Larry Raiman graduated from Penn State in 1982. His son, Marc, has just been initiated into Beta Sigma Beta, just like his Dad. In this Q&A, they share the impact that Beta Sig has had on their lives, their favorite fraternity traditions, and how they feel about their special legacy bond.

What has Beta Sig meant for your life?
Larry: Beta Sig taught me so much and shaped my life for the better in so many ways: the meaning of loyalty, true friendship and how to give back to our next generation. I learned how to stand behind my friends, no matter what the circumstances. It also taught me how to "work hard and play hard", with an optimistic outlook to enthusiastically tackle challenges. My decision to join Beta Sig ranks as one of the best I've ever made.
Marc: I have been coming to Penn State my entire life and each visit my dad made sure that we stopped and looked around Beta Sig. I never really got it. Now that I know the significance of being a brother, Beta Sig is a brotherhood for my entire life. I will bring my family back, and be proud to do so.

Share about a Beta Sig brother who had a positive influence on you.
Larry: I stay in contact with many of my pledge brothers and they show me long lasting friendship. I stay in contact with older brothers who show me volunteerism and how to "pay it forward", as well as younger brothers who show me ingenuity and positive energy. Beta Sig brothers do for one another like no other organization I have known. We remain unified for life.
Marc: Lee Minkoff is the current Chancellor of Beta Sig. Throughout my entire pledge program, Lee was a tremendous help to my entire pledge class. Whether it was a late night talk to keep our heads straight or his simple presence in a room, everything seemed to work out for the better. Lee is an example of one who knows how to run a successful fraternity.

What's your favorite Beta Sig tradition?
Larry: "Team unity" is by far my favorite Beta Sig tradition. That single tradition transcends every aspect of what we do; not only just among Beta Sig brothers, but also in the way we treat everyone in our lives. It fosters the opportunity to create lifelong friendships.
Marc: So far, the formal known as "Maze Craze" was a ton of fun. Between my pledge class and I, building it was definitely a challenge. Finishing it and making sure it was one of the best ever, made the entire brotherhood and my pledge class very happy.

Larry, How do you feel, now that your son is a Beta Sig Beta?
Honored and excited. Honored that Marc will now share in the experiences of brotherhood, friendships and loyalty. Excited for Marc to relive the same four tremendous years that I had at Beta Sig, learning, growing, celebrating and maturing.

Marc, How do you feel, now that you are a Beta Sig, like your Dad?
Being initiated into Beta Sig is simply the best feeling I could ever imagine.