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Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band made their way back to Happy Valley on Thursday, November 1. The Bryce Jordan Center was a sellout thanks to alumni Jeff Licht, David Minkoff, Ron Gorodesky, Moss Walden, Pete Kleiner, Keith Reiner, Alan Cohen and Justin Katz. Beta Sig undergraduates included Sam Rose, Scott Powell and Adam Eisner amongst many others.

So what did Bruce open the show with?........."Lion's Den" and he ended with a song that the band never played together live but was sure characteristic of college......."Shout".

The Band played for over 3 1/2 hours. Band members, as well as many students and alumni in the audience, had been impacted by Hurricane Sandy and Bruce mentioned it repeatedly. At one point during "My City of Ruins" he said, "We're here tonight with a little bit of sadness in our hearts, because we're a band that you cannot separate from the Jersey Shore. It took 25 years to build it back the first time, but it'll come back a lot sooner this time!" Certainly Beta Sigs at the Jersey Shore felt Sandy's wrath. Many of us may have seen local broadcasts interviewing fellow brother Marvin Ashner. Marvin's residence sustained damage which he is rebuilding now. The Jersey Shore sure could prove interesting in 2013.