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Beta Sigs traveled by air and land to try and give our Alma Mater a leg up in its first away game under Bill O'Brien versus Virginia. The 80s were well represented via Class of '81 and '83. Attendees from 1981 included Rich Scheinoff, Andy Golland, Steve Glass, David Minkoff and Jeff Licht. The Class of '83 always travels well with participants Al Cohen, Stuart Leon, Dave Gold, Dave Gasman, Kenny Caplin, Moss Walden, Dave Pollock, Mark Halsman, Kenny Lehrer, Norm Nelson, Keith Reiner and Steve Sibner.

Older fellas and chaperones were Rick Marks '80 and Steve Savran '79. Young studs from 2008 included Jason Dabrow, Zach Kramer, Dan Solomon, Barry Eisman and Ryan Vanston.

We had a great time on Friday afternoon and evening frequenting as many bars as possible to include lunch at Boylan Heights, pre-happy hour at Trinity Irish Pub, a Penn State Pep Rally at McGrady's Irish Pub (see pictures) and then Miller's. Miller's was infamous for discovering Dave Matthews...until hosting the Beta Sig boys.

The 12PM kick off did not allow us to tailgate, though no loss as the tailgating scene at UVA leaves allot to be desired. The game, well, you know how we fared. The positive was that Penn State fans were many and very loud. The weather was fantastic until our last field goal attempt. After leaving the game, we proceeded directly back to Trinity to drown our sorrows. Beta Sigs took over the entire back area of the bar for hours (see picture). The remainder of the bar was dominated by fellow Penn Staters. The manager commented that she has never seen a school, outside of Virginia Tech, support their establishment and the local community like Penn State.

Rick Marks arranged for dinner at Horse & Hound Gastropub. The stories flowed for hours as did the suds (see picture). We concluded the night by celebrating three brother's birthdays to include David Minkoff, Andy Golland and Al Cohen (see picture).

Overall, UVA is a gorgeous university. The locals treated us all well. They don't take their football too seriously outside of their wardrobe for the game to include skirts and heels for the ladies and button down long sleeve shirts, shorts and loafers for the guys. Of course, Penn Staters, guys and girls alike, were dressed in our traditional Penn State gear. The consensus amongst all that we spoke with was that the NCAA over stepped its bounds in its sanctions against us. The road trip was a 5 on a scale of 1-5. Next year in....

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