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September 1 marked a historic day for Penn State football as coach Bill O'Brien ushered in a new season--and the Beta Sigs were there to celebrate it. The Nittany Lions opened football weekend with a roar, showing the nation that the Penn State community is a spirited, resilient one that is moving forward—united in their dedication and passion for its football team.

A special thanks goes out to all of those Beta Sigs who were able to come out to support the Lions. Our actives also made us proud by hosting an amazing BBQ tailgate for nearly 200 undergraduates, an event led by Senior Andrew Leace.

In this photo: Enjoying munches together before the Ohio game are Larry Raimon, David Rosenberg, Robbie Eisman, Rick Marks, David Minkoff, Dan Otto, Jeff Licht and Ron Gorodesky. Click here for more pictures from the September 1 game.