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By Steve Gilbert '73

I've got some sad news to pass along to those brothers who have not yet heard. My close friend and our fraternity brother David Casnoff '75 passed away in his sleep on November 3. He lived with his wife Cheryl and their two dogs, Teddy and Kerry, in Davidsonville, Maryland just outside of Annapolis. David spent more time living in the house than most of us. He not only spent his years as an undergraduate living in the house but also his year as a graduate student when he received his master's degree. Two weeks before David passed away we had played golf at our club. I shot my usual 103 while David shot a 78. David was a frequent golf partner of mine and it was his best round since I had played golf with him as an undergraduate. As many of you may remember David was a "scratch" golfer in those days.

For those of you who knew him but hadn't seen him for many years David's educational and professional accomplishments were many. He received his undergraduate degree from PSU in Turf grass Management, his Masters in Soil Physics from PSU, his Ph.D. degree in Quantitative Genetics and Plant Breeding from University of Nebraska and then did Post-Doctoral work at Texas A&M.

David worked and consulted for various companies and organizations over the years in the turf industry. In recent years he donated some of his spare time to the State of Maryland serving on the staff of the Maryland State Treasurer. A visit to his and Cheryl's home in Davidsonville was quite an experience, not just because of the beautiful house, but because of the golf green he built in his back yard to do his state of the art turf research. Sadly David never achieved one of his life's goals, to develop an ideal turf for sports fields and golf courses.

Many of you have asked where donations can be made in David's memory. I have a list of the suggested donations given to me by Cheryl Cassnoff which I would be happy to provide anyone who emails me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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