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By Mark Cohen '76

I lost track of Cazz several years ago having last seen him at one of my kid's bar-bat mitzvahs.I always figured that I would run into him again, perhaps at a homecoming tailgate or in a buffet line at a wedding or other occasion. We'd reminisce about the good times at PSU and maybe I could get some useful lawn care advice. I would no doubt slip in a few ranks about his sweater, the blue and cream saddle shoes or his dog Sheba.

It was a shock to hear of Dave's sudden passing in November 2011, apparently at home while in his sleep. I don't think he had any unusual health issues. Sadly, we are reminded that our personal growing seasons may be short; both to accomplish things in life and to reconnect with our fraternity brothers.

I got the sad phone call from Sam Becker, Esq. '75 who along with Cazz inspired many a recording secretary in need of material for house meeting minutes. At one meeting, Cazz requested funds to buy fertilizer to revitalize the house lawn. The parsimonious Auditor Becker offered to squeeze a nickel so hard that the buffalo would provide any necessary lawn nutrients. You had to be there.

Cazz and his wife Cheryl lived in Annapolis. He used his Ph.D. in agronomy to run a very successful consulting business involved in environmental quality, turf grass and soil conservation. Dave was well respected by his professional colleagues. He and his wife helped endow a research program in Penn State's Agriculture Department. He liked to raise Portuguese water dogs. His father, Bob, was a Beta Sig in the late 1940's.

Cazz was a fixture of Beta Sig in the 70's and probably holds the record for number of semesters lived in the House, having been there for both undergraduate and grad school. Dave treated everyone well, even the newest "Bimmie". He was always well groomed, studious and polite as well as a good golfer. He was the one Beta Sig that you could safely introduce to your parents on Mother's Day or to your Hawaiian Weekend date. Cazz was what Founders must have had in mind when they conjured up the Collegiate Princes of Sinai. Somewhere, Dave is making the grass greener.

Mark Cohen '76
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Harrisburg, PA

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