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By Jeff Licht '81

We are very pleased to report that Fall Rush efforts were successful luring 25 undergrads to pledge Beta Sig. This is truly a remarkable class as 8 of the 25 are legacies to include Tyler Marks (Rick '80), Adam Eisner (Rich '83), Joshua Jaffe (Michael '79), Brandon Levine (Ryan '12 ), Isaac Luber (Michael '66), Scott Glassman (Gary '79) , Adam Gorodesky (Rich '82 & little sister Jodi Foxx '82) and Jordan Walden (Moss, '82 & 3rd best all-time BSB b'ball player).

I would like to thank Undergraduate Rush Chair, Ethan Senser, for all of his hard work in securing this quality class. Equally, the Alumni Board would like to thank fellow Board Member's Rick Marks and Scott Granoff, for chairing this responsibility from the Alumni perspective.

In no particular order rounding out our Fall Pledge Class of 2011 are Sam Rose, Scott Powell, Mark Krantz, Alex Blumenthal, Eddie Matzner, Matthew Lederer, Jesse Korn, Bobby Seinfeld, Ronen Kadosh, Jacob Silverman, Matt Spivak, Justin Citron, Wayne Thompson, Josh Field, Dave Hollander, Jack Tumen and Noah Rothstein.

Brothers' Matt Bank (Soph) and Ryan Gunn (Jr.) will Co-Chair the Pledge Program to educate the future Brothers about our House, our history and RHDUP.

We look forward to this Class being recognized as a great Class for their positive contributions to our House for many, many years.