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David Minkoff '81 chose Beta Sig for a lot of different reasons. One of them is because he felt so comfortable at the house and spending time with the brothers, many of whom he keeps in touch with today. See why Dave loves Beta Sig and what he remembers from his days living in the house.

Why did you decide to join a fraternity? Why did you choose Beta Sig?
I wasn't planning on joining a fraternity, but my roommate (who also became my pledge brother) signed up for rush, and I tagged along with him when he was invited to dinners and parties. I chose Beta Sig because I felt the most comfortable there and because of the luxurious accommodations (ha!).

How did your Beta Sig membership change your college years, and how does it continue to influence your life today?
Of course, I got closer with the guys who I already knew that joined Beta Sig and made new friends that I am still in contact with today. We did everything together during school and for many years after. Being a Beta Sig also got me involved with other organizations, such as IFC.

What are a few of your favorite memories from Beta Sig?
There are so many memories, most of which can't be told in a "family newsletter." Other than getting in, however, was when we played in the IM championship football game under the lights on the astro-turf field. We didn't win but got the respect of the fraternity community as our mostly-Jewish house got that far.

Why would you recommend others to join Beta Sig?
The camaraderie, the social life and even the food!

What was your involvement like during your college years with Beta Sig?
I was Vice-Chancellor followed by Chancellor of Beta Sig. I then became the academic chairman of IFC as well as the public relations chairman of THON my senior year.

Why do you make financial contributions as an alumnus? Why would you encourage others to do the same?
I have donated to Beta Sig and will continue to so that the fraternity remains a force at Penn State. When my sons were born over nineteen and seventeen years ago, I always hoped they would go to Penn State and become Beta Sigs. This has become a reality, as my older son pledged last fall.

What year did you pledge and what did you study while at college?
I was pledged-in on October 27, 1977. I was a marketing major with an advertising minor.

What is your involvement with the Beta chapter now?
I just re-joined the Beta Alumni Association board last fall and just became treasurer. I had been on the board in the mid-80s, co-running Homecoming and the Founders' dinner two different years.

Why do you think it's important to remain active with Beta Sig as an alumnus?
As I said earlier, in order to keep the house in good shape, and a fraternity that guys want to join, the alumni needs to support Beta Sig financially as well as with other skills. Just coming back for Homecoming and other events shows the brotherhood that Beta Sig is not just a place to live during college.

Do you still keep in touch with other brothers? Who? Would you like to be in contact with anyone?
I see so many brothers, from my year and others, pretty often. They know who they are. It helps living in the Philadelphia area.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I love Beta Sigma Beta!

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