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Andrew Bryman '76 is still attached to Beta Sig all the way from California.

He has recently been more involved with his fraternity after his son Nick came to Penn State as a freshman and pledged BSB.

"I always followed BSB via the Internet and wished I lived closer, so I could have been more involved," he said. "Now that Nick is a brother, it has brought back such great memories, and it has allowed me to have another bond with him, as we both share such a love for BSB."

Coming to Penn State football games in the fall makes him miss all of the great memories he had as a brother at BSB, he said.

"Having my son trek half-way across the country to go to school at PSU makes me realize what a special place Happy Valley is," he said. "When he sends me texts of how much he loves PSU and BSB, I could not be more proud, as I feel the same way."

Andrew said his greatest moment at the house was his actual acceptance into BSB. He also remembers how one bad event created a bonding experience between the brothers.

A fire broke out in the room next to Andrew. Although he said the experience was negative, he and his brothers became closer after this event.

"To this day my BSB certificate is a reminder of the fire, as the edges are all charred," he said.

Andrew continued to be actively involved in BSB by running several fundraising events and also catering as an undergraduate.

He says being involved like this and being a part of BSB gave him a sense of companionship, friendship and family. He was able to take a lifelong understanding of community service and giving back by having joined BSB.

Graduating in 1976 with a degree in pre-law, Andrew moved to California to attend law school and is now a partner in his law firm in Calabasas. He has been married to his wife, Anka, since 1992, and they have twin sons in college.

Andrew said it is important to stay active as an alumnus and to keep in contact with the brothers. He is still in contact with Mike Arkin and Dave Toltzis today.

"Any time you can be involved in giving back and having a second family, it teaches you lifelong lessons," he said.

He and his wife will show their support by attending BSB's parents' weekend, where they will help them raise awareness for autism.

"Hopefully a lot of money too," he said.

Andrew tells his sons that joining a fraternity will give them incredible friendships and will bond them for life. BSB is great in particular because of the person it shapes you to become.

"It instills in young men positive traits, including respect, humility, discretion and community service endeavors."

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