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Wouldn't it be great if someone could make a movie about our Beta Sig experience? Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, for some) the cameras weren't rolling during our days at Penn State. The experience we shared can only live on through our memories, stories and photos.

While we all shared the same great experience, we each have our own unique stories to tell from it. And we need your help to document them! Tell us a great story or two that you fondly remember from your undergraduate days. We'll feature the best stories on our web site and in future print publications.

For example...

"My pledge class in the Spring of 1947 consisted of several of us who had just returned from active duty with different branches of the service. One night we participated in a midnight treasure hunt. Our pledge class found itself at 2:00 a.m. on the Penn State Golf Course, locating a clue to bring back a "live chicken".

As we headed up to the barns to locate a chicken, someone in our class had a brainstorm: Let's call the Fraternity House, tell them that we were arrested and are at the jail, west of Campus. They will release us if a representative appears and confirms our story.

Needless to say, our chancellor and pledge master made an unnecessary trip to the jail in the middle of the night and they did not think too kindly of this pledge class.

P.S. We all became brothers!!"

Gene Rifkin '48

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