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By Jeffrey Marks 808

When I was accepted into Penn State and knew I was going to enroll there, I had only one more goal I needed to fulfill.

That was to pledge Beta Sig. With my older brother Cory ('10), my Uncle Rob ('82), and my dad Rick ('80), all Beta Sigs, I knew that this was my destiny. I wanted to experience what so many in my family have done before me. I wanted to be able to walk through the same Beta Sig halls, to eat in the same dining rooms, and to live life within the same walls as they all did. All four of us now hold a special bond that is unique, and with my father we have a special father-son relationship that cannot be

I am very proud to be a legacy in this house, and now my next goal is to make sure that in the future, my son will become a Beta Sig to further a bond between my family.