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From the 1988 La Vie...

Beta Sigma Beta was a place where everyone knew everything and nothing was sacred. Home to 58 brothers and 45 little sisters, the idea behind fraternity was comfort more than anything else.

"When I was rushing," recalled Michael Sabel, the secretary of Beta Sig," I wanted a close group of friends; that's what Beta Sig is. Everybody in the fraternity is very good friends."

Besides participating in the DG Anchor Splash and the Dance Marathon, Beta Sig sponsored the Sy Barash Regatta and Ebony and Ivory. Ebony and Ivory Week was a week of workshops about prejudice and how to overcome it. It was designed to promote better interracial relations on campus. "It feels good knowing that we're helping to overcome prejudices, even just a little bit," remarked Sabel.

Amidst all the house activity, though, the brothers did find time to study in the basement chapter room, which has big oak doors and thick walls. This helped the brothers remain in the top ten academically among fraternities.

The brothers' bonds were tied to more than just activities and academics. "There are no separate cliques in our house," commented Sabel. "We're a 'clique' of 43 people."

The spirit of Beta Sig was summed up by little sister pledge Sherry Palitz. "I chose Beta Sig because the brothers are really cool and I always feel comfortable. I have a great time here. I love it!"

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