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- From Jeffrey Licht, '81, President, Beta Alumni Association

Beta Sigma Beta recently celebrated our 100th uninterrupted year at Penn State University. We were born as a direct result of discrimination as Jews were not allowed to join fraternities. Today, while predominately a Jewish house, we have brothers worthy of being a Beta Sig based on merit versus religion or race. Our undergraduates and alumni are disgusted by the recent hate crimes committed against our property and our brothers' cars. There should be no place for anti-semitism in our country, let alone potentially matriculating within our prestigious university or living in our beloved Happy Valley. Beta Sig will support all efforts of the University and State College Police in search of the perpetrator(s) in hope of swift justice. Hence, to aid in this effort to rid our community of anti-semitism, our fraternity will increase the reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the culprit(s) to $5,000.

Update: Thanks to our recently updated security system, the security video uncovered the 2 culprits. The video has been forwarded to the State College Police.  We are very confident that this incriminating evidence will lead to their arrest and conviction. The most recent story from the Collegian is located HERE.

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