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We are pleased to announce that Brother Moss Walden '83 will be taking on the BAA presidency. Moss is currently a regional account manager for Snap on Business Solutions.
The role of BAA president has been significantly modified with the advent of the executive director role. Going forward, Moss will deal mostly with alumni and alumni relations. Here are a few words from Moss.
“Can I ask for a recount? There seems to be a few ballots that were not counted. It was a close contest despite no opposition on the ballot.
On a more serious note, I want to commend Jeff Licht ’81 for his commitment and dedication to all Beta Sigs for the past three years. I cannot image a more devoted leader. Jeff, I fully respect and appreciate all of your unbridled enthusiasm throughout your entire term. Hopefully, you will be available to provide advice and guidance to me from your exceptional experience. I look forward to working with Mink, Dan Otto ’08, our executive board and all of our loyal alumni.
We are currently planning our Homecoming festivities for the Northwestern game for the weekend of September 26-28. Buckle your seats belts as the James Franklin era is set to begin. There is speculation that the NCAA will relax the bowl game ban sometime in August. With that said, this is a big game.  What could be more special than hanging with friends and experiencing the return to glory of our beloved Penn State football team? If you are waiting for an answer, NOTHING is better than a fall football weekend in State College with fellow Beta Sigs.”