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Alumni, Undergraduate Brothers and Parents:

As I complete my three-year term as president of our Beta Alumni Association, I would like to take this opportunity to inform everyone of recent changes to our Executive Board effective July 1, 2014.

The Board of Directors has created an exploratory position to be known as the BAA executive director. This position will be responsible for daily interactions with undergraduates, parents, personnel, university officials, borough officials and the State College police, when warranted.

I am happy to announce that David Jay "Mink" Minkoff '81 has applied and been selected Beta Sig's first executive director. I believe "Mink" to be the ideal candidate to assume this position having served on the BAA Board for years, our treasurer the last three years and my personal confidant during my three-year presidential stint.

Moss Walden '83 will assume the role of Beta alumni president. This role has been modified. The new BAA president will focus his attention on our alumni and alumni events. Dan Otto '08 will become alumni treasurer.

While I will remain an active member of our BAA Board, I am grateful to have served my fellow alumni, undergraduates and parents as the BAA president. The overall experience was great and very rewarding as I firmly believe you can never give back to Beta Sig what it gave and continues to give to each of us. I got the opportunity to interact with several undergraduate chancellors and their executive boards. It keeps you young in spirit with an excuse to return to Happy Valley as often as possible. I'd like to thank my Board of Directors for all of their assistance. Our fraternity is in great shape and should continue to separate itself as the number one house at Penn State long into the future. 

Jeff Licht '81
Outgoing BAA President
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