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Check it here! Alumni updates!

In a recent survey, we asked for alumni updates. And you Beta Sigs came through! Check out what alumni are up to:

Andrew Bergstein ’74 - I recently retired an am getting other degree in International Politics and International Relations.

Barry Isdaner ’69 - Celebrating my 44th wedding anniversary to my wife, Marsha this December. Enjoying my three (3), wonderful grandsons age 10, 7,6 and still practicing dentistry full time.

Laurence Silverman ’70: Ike ('70) and Spider '70 spent 24 hours together at the Shawnee Inn on August 27-28. Floated down the Delaware and hiked above the Delaware Gap. Simply perfect.

Robert L. Simons, DMD - Still practicing dentistry for 37 years in south Florida, playing golf, still married to the first wife, enjoying good health, proud of both boys-Scott-25, Brendan-22, and extending an invitation to any brothers coming to south Florida to play golf at the Seagate Country Club- call 888-BETASIG!!!!!!

Stuart J. Spivak ’87 - I remarried 2 1/2 years ago to Shelly and we just had our first child (at my young age of 48).....Sophia Rose Spivak, born 8/15/2013...........what a blessing!

Brad Stoltz '86 is proud that his daughter Jessica is starting Penn State as a freshman this fall 2014.

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