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See how you can benefit Beta Sigma Beta today!

As we rocket into next year, it certainly can’t help to look back on the year while we’re enjoying holiday reverie, hanging out with friends and family, and being thankful for our minds, bodies, and spirits. We began our giving year in September, which means, coming up on the next year, we should know where we’re at.

Our donor goal for this year is 100 donors. As of December 5th, we’ve received 29 donations from donors. Our dollar goal for this year is $20,000 dollars, and so far (12/5/14) we have received $4,090. What this mean, you might ask. What this means is we’re over a quarter of the way there for donors and a little over a fifth of the way there for our dollar goal.

But, let’s address the important question, maybe even the elephant in the room:

What’s in this for me?

What is in this for you is much easier communication between yourselves and other fellow alumni and actives. The continuation of the Beta Sig website, including but not limited to photo albums, e-letters, e-blasts, and archives of old newsletters. And the alumni events Beta Sig has are paid, in part, by annual fund dollars.

What can I do?

It’s the holidays! Send us some support! Through your support, we can easily meet our donors and dollars goal by next August. Any amount counts, even if it’s just enough money for a cup of Starbucks Coffee, it counts!

Have a safe end of your year!