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By Richard Gorodesky ’82 and Rick Marks ‘80

Parents Weekend, held this year on April 11 – 12, is Beta Sig’s annual opportunity to welcome into our home the parents of our brothers. For some, it's one of the few times they get to experience the house, enjoy a first hand taste of Bobby's fine culinary skills and feel the camaraderie among the brothers.    

We did not disappoint.  

A record shattering paid attendance of 268 parents, siblings and brothers enjoyed the weekend, representing a 40% increase over the prior year’s then-record attendance. Add in the ASA sorority women and their parents arriving to the party later that evening, and the house was rocking with around 500 attendees!

In addition to adding a handsome profit to the alumni account, the weekend continued the autism awareness efforts with its first ever 50/50 raffle, contributing to the $100,000-plus raised by the event on its own.

The day started with another successful, annual Autism Walk, and we extended the energy and enthusiasm by immediately moving the party to the house for a BBQ event.

Bobby did us proud with a tasty display of grilled dogs and burgers, complete with a nice selection of Moss Walden-inspired craft beers, while an impromptu father/son basketball game broke out on our new Sports Court, complete with the BSB and Penn State insignias. Legacies Tyler Marks and Jordan Walden kicked butt against old men Rick Marks and Moss Walden.

With bellies and livers quite satisfied, parents and brothers were greeted with the sounds of the hardest working band in rock n roll, Beta Sig's own Stu Leon and “The Mas Tequila Orchestra”.   They were joined this year by first time (the first time he ever picked up a musical instrument) special musical guest Jeff "Mr. Harmony" Licht, who rocked to the sounds of Bruce and more. Donning black sunglasses to shade his eyes from the bright lights of this indoor venue, Lichty unfortunately was pulled in the second song, due to an unfortunate head, shoulder, knee and toe injury.

After a brief break to catch our breath, the party started again, under the tents and in the house. Once again, Bobby and his team prepared a scrumptious meal that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

But dinner would not be enough.

After a moving welcome address by Alumni President Moss Walden (and by “moving” I mean people were getting ready move to avoid listening any further) we were treated to a spectacular speech by Jay Paterno. Fortunately for Moss, Jay was so spectacular and enjoyable to listen to; parents and brothers had little time to reflect on Moss’s comments.

Then the night turned to the dance floor, where Nittany Entertainment spun all of our favorite tunes from the 70’s and 80’s along with the current sound as we danced the night away on a pulsating main dance floor packed as never before.   We even had an old time photo booth for parent-son memories.

Finally, before hitting the road back home Sunday morning, Parents, siblings and brothers were treated to a delicious brunch of eggs, lox and bagels, along with assorted goodies and beverages.