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So far in our 2015-2016 giving year, we have collected a total of $2,318.85 from 10 of our loyal donors! Join your Brothers on the honor roll below and make this year an investment not only in Beta Sigma Beta- but in yourself.

It’s no secret that Beta Sigma Beta undoubtedly helped shape the man you are today. SO why not give back and ensure that future generations of brothers have the same wonderful experience you once enjoyed as an undergraduate.

To make your gift today just click here.

2015-2016 Honor Roll of Donors:

General Honor Roll
Samuel Firestone 1949
David Richin 1970
Laurence Silverman 1970
Robert Simon 1972
Bruce Asam 1979
Robert Levy 1982
MarK Naidoff 1983
Jeffrey Troll 1988
Michael Horrow 1989
Adam Kaback 1992