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As you know, it is vital that we as alumni provide our undergrads with as many opportunities towards future success with their careers as we possibly can. Our mentorship program is a major contributor to our Rush program which, in recent years, has become extremely competitive as more National fraternities are forming at PSU. The magic of being the only Local Fraternity at PSU is not an easy sell to a new Freshman looking at Greek Life. WE may know what we have but how could THEY possibly understand our strength as they look into which house will suit them best.

Through the last couple of years I have personally been attempting to place a number of our undergrads as interns with the Philadelphia Sixers. We have had interviews with marketing, sales, events, social media and a few other departments. Like fraternity rushing, these internships within the sports world are highly attractive to college undergrads and highly competitive. We have been close to some successes and have even had a brother get as far as being able to “shadow” Sixer employees in advance of a future internship. It has remained an on-going effort as I continue to make employees of the team aware that there is one group of young men that would serve them well if given a chance.

Last month we had a major breakthrough as the team opened the door a specific area that they are understaffed. The Sixers run and manage a new non-profit called the Sixers Youth Foundation. In the past the team supported the players charities as part of their own. This new foundation has its own vision and commitments in our community (namely Philadelphia and Camden) The Executive Director, of the foundation, Amy Hever, agreed to let 6 of our new members work exclusively as a beta test program. If it goes well we are hoping to grow the program by getting even more Beta Sigs involved as the same department now manages the Wilt Chamberlain Foundation. We have been told that there could multiple opportunities there as well. It also holds true that this work keeps them closer to the business internships throughout the rest of the Sixers organization. The initial six undergrads has potential to turn into much more. So yes, I am essentially saying that “Beta Sigs," are being “Beta Tested”. The initial group of six brothers consist of Fall 2016 new members:

Spencer Henry - Team Leader - Ardmore PA
Alan Shtraks - Huntingdon Valley PA
Sam Selarnick Penn Valley PA
Ethan Steinberg - Wynnewood PA
Trevor Levy - Huntingdon Valley, PA
Zach Zygmunt - Plymouth Meeting PA

The fact that they are all in our Freshmen class has the potential to make a powerful impact next year when they run our rush and have the ability to mention that they joined Beta Sigma Beta and are already building their resume
As part of their first assignment they are helping with Social Media for @SixersStrong and they are helping to generate Donations in the month of December with a program called Pledge-It which matches money for every assist the sixers players make during games in the month of December. From the website: “Throughout the month of December, we’re turning our assists on the court into assists off the court for underprivileged youth in Philadelphia and Camden. “

How can you help?

The first easy way is if you use Twitter to follow them @SixersStrong. The second way is to make a donation before the end of the month at pledgeit.org/syf/@beta-sigma-beta-penn-state. The way it works is that a donation can be a set amount of money or a per assist donation. The team is expected to have approximately 250 assists in December so a 20 cent per assist pledge would be about a $50 donation. We listed this on Facebook earlier in the month and we had some brothers make pledges of 20 cents and 40 cents per assist already. We also had some donations of this “random” $249 amount which were extra beautiful! I have donated and I hope you can too. Any amount…I know it’s a tough time of year but I am certain that this is a win-win-win-win situation for everybody including Philadelphia Community Youth, The Sixers Foundation, Our Undergrads, and the future of our Brotherhood!
From the Foundation Website: “We envision communities where all children have the opportunity to create, pursue, and realize their dreams, and live productive lives. We are committed to reaching out into the lives of young people in our communities through in-depth engagements and community-based clinics to help them develop physical and emotional strength, a sense of personal well being, and an attitude of teamwork and service to others. By providing promising futures to our children through education, mentoring, and the life skills and values imparted through the transformative power of basketball, we can create the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs that will ensure a bright future for our communities and all who live there.”
Thank you!
Happy and Healthy Holidays and see you January 7th!
Scott Granoff #174