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Q: What made you choose Beta Sig? What did the experience end up being like for you?

NB: I was originally drawn to Beta Sig because my father, Andrew Bryman ’76, was actually a member of the fraternity when he attended Penn State. I grew up listening to him talk about Beta Sig and how much the fraternity meant to him, and how it had really made college some of the best years of his life.  Because of that, I was interested in rushing Beta Sig when I was a freshman. As soon as I met a couple of brothers in the house, I knew that Beta Sig was the right fit for me. Not only did being in Beta Sig allow me to make some really great friends, but it also made college an enjoyable time for me as well. I was able to grow as an individual because of the core values that being in Beta Sig taught me, and am thankful for that every day.

Q: What have you been up to since graduating?

NB: Immediately after graduating, I started law school at Whittier Law in Orange County in the fall. I will be graduating this upcoming May, and then will be gearing up to take the California bar in late July. It will be the biggest challenge of my life, but I look forward passing the bar and becoming a personal injury attorney in the San Fernando Valley.

Q: How has Beta Sig impacted your life?

NB: Beta Sig has impacted my life because of all the life lessons I learned from pledging and living in the house, as well as the core values that being in Beta Sig has instilled in me. Canning for THON, raising money for CAN, and being the philanthropy chair of Beta Sig helped to show me how important giving back to the community is, and I still participate in different community service events in California. Also, being in Beta Sig helped me to become more confident in myself in my day-to-day life.  

Q: As a still-young alum, what has inspired you to give back to the chapter?

NB: I am inspired to give back to the chapter because of how much being in Beta Sig did for me when I was in college. I was able to make a ton of new friends, create new relationships, and experience events such as THON and CAN. None of that would have been the same if it wasn’t for pledging Beta Sig. As a result, I still contribute to the fraternity in any way that I can and plan on continuing that for years to come.

Q: What makes you proud to belong to Beta Sig?

NB: I am proud to belong to Beta Sig because once you pledge, you are a brother for life. There is a sense of brotherhood in Beta Sig that is unmatched. I know that this means I can reach out to any brother whether I know them or not, and they will treat me as family. Once you pledge Beta Sig, that means you have to uphold a high standard and value of yourself.

Q: Living in California, I’m sure it’s not easy to get back here, but have you been able to make it back to visit yet?

NB: Since moving back to California after graduating, I have not been able to make it back to Penn State yet, but it is something that I plan on doing in the next couple of years. I am hoping to either attend a Blue and White weekend with other brothers in my pledge class, or even experience a Beta Sig alumni weekend as an alumnus for the first time. Either way, I cannot wait to come back and visit Penn State and see how Beta Sig has changed. 

Q: Have you kept in touch with brothers since graduating? How?

NB: Since graduating, I am lucky enough to have had a few pledge brothers come out to California. A couple months after graduating, Jake Kleiner ’14, Jeremy Sichel ’14, and Robert Duca ’14 were in California for a couple days as part of a West Coast trip that they were doing. I was able to meet up with them for the day in Santa Monica and show them the area, as well as have dinner in Los Angeles with my parents and then attend a Los Angeles Clippers game. Additionally, Ian Schwartz ’14, another pledge brother, has made the trek out to California two times, and I met up with him in Orange County, where we spent some time outside hiking and going to the beach. Lastly, this past summer, I was able to head out to New York for a couple of nights, where I saw many pledge brothers that I had not seen in years including Alex Rosenblum ’14, Eric Roth ’14, Neal Schwab ’14, Zach Feller ’14, and Andrew Pogorzelski ’16. I am hoping to make more trips out to the east coast once I am done studying for the bar.

I have stayed in touch with my pledge class through the “Groupme” app on my iPhone. Our pledge class has a group chat that we all belong to and people are constantly communicating via that. I also join a fantasy football league every year with my pledge class, which is a great way to stay in touch with everyone.