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Departing Alumni President Moss Walden '83, presents the David S. Lipson Founders' Award to Incoming President David Minkoff '81, honoring his long-standing dedication Beta Sig

By Moss Walden '83

If you appreciate unlimited jumbo shrimp, free flowing cold craft beer, laughter and friendship, and I’m just referring to the cocktail hour, and you weren’t at the most recent Founders’ Dinner, you seriously missed out.  The crowd was estimated to be slightly higher than the actual attendance of Don Trump’s inauguration.  We had a tremendous crowd featuring representation from classes dating all the way back to the 1940’s.  Special recognition goes out to this very special crew of Alumni Royalty which included Dan Veloric, Bob Drucker, Sam Firestone, Bob Altman and Stan Jacobs.  Marv Schimmel was also slated to come but unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute.  Hope to see you next year Marv.  

The event had a fun and festive atmosphere that was geared to celebrate this year’s special honorees, David Minkoff who received the David Lipson Founders’ Award and Larry Raiman who received the David A. Lee Memorial Brotherhood & Fraternalism Award.  Current and recent undergrads mingled effortlessly among themselves and with distinguished older guys.  Mike Jaffe coordinated the event for us and delivered in spectacular fashion.   The food was delicious and plentiful and the service was spectacular.  Mark “Herb” Halsman handled us with the impressive awards and new alumni membership cards that were distributed.  This membership card idea came from fellow alum, Brad Stoltz.  The concept is for any alum to present their card to a son or daughter who will be visiting or attending Penn State granting access into the fraternity without any hassle or inconvenience……A  brilliant idea.  Contact us to let us know if you would like to receive your alumni membership card.

Larry Raiman was honored for launching our award-winning mentor program in 2011.  It is the premier mentoring program on the entire Penn State campus.  Since the establishment of this program, we are proud to share that 259 of our undergraduate brothers have successfully participated.  As Larry says, “We are a fraternity whose sole asset is our people.  Our brotherhood is diverse, strong, talented and successful.  By creating a cohesive network, we can all benefit personally and professionally from one another…….not just during four years of undergraduate studies but for the rest of our lives.”  Larry’s pledge brothers Rich Gorodesky and Rob Levy shared funny stories and roasted him.  Actually, someone needs to educate Rob about proper roasting etiquette.  Rich Gorodesky was very funny.  You should have been there to listen to his remarks about Larry.  Also in attendance to support Larry were Marc Raiman, Dave Diamond, Tony Weiss, Peter Kleiner and Rob Sykes.  Zundy Kramer couldn’t attend because he was worried about the ghost of the Bird.  Howie Kaminsky couldn’t attend because he was making brownies.  Chuck Brodsky couldn’t attend because he was on tour and Mike Satzberg couldn’t attend because he was worried about the proposed future wall along our Mexican border. 

Larry Raiman '82 receives the David A. Lee Brotherhood and Fraternalism Award from Moss Walden '83, honoring his role in launching Beta Sig's award-winning mentor program in 2011

David Minkoff was honored for his long standing dedication as an alumni board member since 2010 which includes serving as Treasurer for three years, Executive Director for six months and Chapter advisor for the past two and a half years.  Mink is an expert in Beta Sig history, policy and procedures.  He has worked tirelessly in every possible way to help us maintain our status as the number one fraternity on campus.  Jeff Licht roasted Mink.  Jeff was very funny.  You should have been there to hear Jeff share his thoughts about Mink.  Mink had the support of sons Lee and Jake as well as Richard Scheinoff, Steve Glass, Andy Golland, Ken and Bob Hackel and many others.  Steve Savran was not able to attend because he was watching a replay of the Bobby Riggs vs. Billie Jean King tennis match.  Rick Marks was not able to attend because he was submitting an application to join the grand jury investigating the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia.

If you haven’t recently been to a Founders’ Dinner, or if you have never participated in the event, I suggest that you make some time to reconnect with your fellow brothers next year.  It doesn’t take much effort to eat, drink, laugh, drink, eat, catch up and laugh some more.  It is a relaxed gathering that is priceless and classic entertainment.   According to the Northeast Philadelphia Journal of Medicine, laughing and reliving the same old stories has a unique way of keeping us young and happy.  And since you are feeling younger and happier, why not share your new positive outlook with old friends who truly remember when you were cool and lived at 255 E. Fairmount Ave, State College, PA.