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Beta Sigma Beta participated in a Penn State blood drive to help a good cause. All of the blood donated was given to the Red Cross for people in need. There were at least 7-8 members of Beta Sigma Beta that were involved in this event. This event was perfectly coordinated by Ethan Lebovits and he helped everyone get their time slot situated and helped everyone make it there. Everyone was so open to participating in this event and really wanted to help. After the event, all members that participated said they felt great and it was well worth it. They felt really joyful knowing that they were doing this for a good cause and helping out other people. We also were very motivated toward this event because if we win the competition our fraternity will have an extra donation towards Thon under our name. Thon and the Red Cross blood drive are very special and important to our fraternity and we always put our best effort into whatever we need to do for them. We all felt no pain and had a great experience with it and would do it again. #Bimmies