Chapter News

Chapter NewsThe State of Beta Sig

 by David Minkoff ’81

Well, I got through my first year as alumni association president unscathed…for the most part.  The semester started off nicely with a full brotherhood meeting held at the Hyatt Place with guest speakers Bob Jubelirer ’59 and Rich Bundy ’93.  Bob approached Grand Chancellor Emeritus, Moss Walden ’83, over the summer with the idea, hoping that “words of wisdom” from a member of the Board of Trustees and Penn State’s Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations would deter the undergrads from doing anything stupid and harming the reputation of Beta Sig.  Bob and Rich were well-received and the evening was very positive.  Unfortunately, a week later, some of the officers did not let the social checkers in the house on two consecutive nights which is one of the new policies of Greek Life Reform.  Fortunately, our ensuing meeting with Student Conduct went fairly well and we were only placed on “probation” for the remainder of the school year.  Since no fraternities were permitted to have parties or socials with beer and/or wine until early November (assuming all trainings and educational programs were completed), social probation wasn’t even a sanction.  When November finally came, our guys decided to keep their parties dry anyway.

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Alum Receives Prestigious Hardware

Alum Receives Prestigious Hardware Alum Receives Prestigious Hardware

This past fall (Friday, September 1, before the Akron game), Stanley Jacobs '49, received his crystal from Dean Chuck Whiteman of the Smeal College of Business, for his induction into the Mt. Nittany Society.  Stan has a Charitable Gift Annuity that will fund a Chair at Smeal.

How Beta Sig Changed The Life Of an Alum

How Beta Sig Changed The Life Of an Alum “Beta Sig, to me, was a life-changing event,” says David Richin ’70. Like most other freshmen, David found things a bit overwhelming at first. But the camaraderie he found through Beta Sigma Beta changed everything, and it has stayed with him his entire life since. David first joined Beta Sig along with his best friend, Jeffrey “Ike” Eisenstat ’70. Soon he had plenty more people to call his closest friends.

“You really did become like brothers,” he says.

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