He is a Legacy, but He Has Never Been More Proud to Be a Beta Sig

“But why interview me? I have never been a big player in the Beta Sig organization.” Barry Fireman ’63 proves in the first two minutes of an interview that he is a modest man, and, in his words, many of the Beta Sigma Beta brothers are, too. Barry Fireman got his start in the fraternity from his brother, a member of the original Beta Sigma Rho fraternity. Through the trials of pledging, he became a brother and forged a bond with many of its members that would last a lifetime. And one bond would save the life of his daughter. Click below to read more.

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Brett Goldberg

Why did you join Beta Sig as an undergraduate? Beta Sig was an excellent opportunity to meet and make great friends with guys of similar background as my own, especially at a large school like Penn State.

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David Minkoff ’81

David Minkoff '81 chose Beta Sig for a lot of different reasons. One of them is because he felt so comfortable at the house and spending time with the brothers, many of whom he keeps in touch with today. See why Dave loves Beta Sig and what he remembers from his days living in the house.

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